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Improving Specimen Collection with Mobile Point-of-Care Technology.

The College of American Pathologists estimates that one in 1,000 blood specimens are labeled with the wrong patient identifiers. These errors can harm both the patient whose blood was mislabeled as well as the patient who was incorrectly linked to that specimen. Both patients may end up with incorrect diagnoses, as well as missed or incorrect treatment.

What you will learn

Instituting error-reduction programs is critical to the safety of its patients, reputation, and bottom line. A solution that allows for positive patient identification and labeling at the time of collection and the point of care is essential to streamlining processes, reducing preventable medical errors, and improving patient satisfaction.

The Challenge
Without a positive patient identification system in place, organizations cannot ensure the right patient are matched to the right tests and procedures.

The Solution
PatientSafe Solutions was implemented as the mobile point-of-care tehcnology to improve patient safety and care across the health system.

The Success
With the ability to send collection orders and status in real-time to the organization's EHR system, there was an immediate decrease in duplication of orders by more than 20% - with some units seeing as much as 50%.

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PatientTouch Clinical Communications is the only secure, HIPAA-compliant, contextual collaboration solution designed by clinicians for healthcare communication.